About Us

Hello Family, Friends and fellow lovers of the Adirondack Park, we are avid hikers from the Saratoga area of New York State. We are Penny Dunleavy and Bill Bucher. Two people that are just crazy about the park. The Adirondack Park, 6 million acres of Rivers, Lakes, Hiking Trails, Mountains and just plain out right fun. We enjoy the outdoors winter, spring, summer and fall.

We started this blog to share our hikes of the ADK with family and friends. We were coming back from Lake Placid one Sunday and Penny suggested to me that it would cool if we started a blog about our trips, gear we have and to showcase her Photography . She has been a professional photographer for  almost 30 years with great gear and a fantastic eye for photography. She also does weddings, baby photos or any other event she is asked to do. I have been hiking and mountaineering for almost 35 years. Im involved with a local Search and Rescue Team, and trained in Wilderness First Aid. Im also an Ex Firefighter. Together we make a great team. Just this year alone we have logged over 300 miles (2014) just on weekend day hikes. We have been blessed to have each other on the trail and count on each other everytime we head out. What you will see here are our trips, gear reviews and some of the finest ADK Photography. Our comments, concerns about the mountains and funny stories from the trail. And there are a few. Visit often since there will alway be something great to view. Bless you all and Happy Hiking.


Penny and Bill

contact us  at  wbucher@nycap.rr.com



2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Stan Milos

    Bill/Penny, Great job with this website!! Fantastic pictures!! I was a member of the ADK Mountain Club for several years when I was younger and climbed many of the high peaks and others . These pictures bring back lots of memories from the trail. Thanks for sharing.

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