What To Say About A Bog In A Blog

Decided to stay local this week and check out the 4 mile out and back, Bog Meadow Brook Nature Trail and what are great little stroll it was.

Located in the town of Wilton on Rt. 29, the trail runs along what used to be the old Saratoga Railroad bed. The Railroad ended operations in 1957 and was turned into a trail in 1993. Running flat and straight for 2 miles its a very nice afternoon walk. Some of the exposed ties that are still left can be ankle turners but just pay attention and its all good.

The day started out cloudy with temps in the upper 20s but an hour or so down the trail we were treated to clearing and blue skies. The trail runs along the main bog for almost half a mile with a nice beaver dam and lots of tracks in the mud next to it. There are 2 main look outs on the trail but the one farthest from the trail head is the best and most remote. We took a half our break there to enjoy the beauty of the area, share in some uplifting conversation, and take in the blue skies and warming temps. As we headed back the clouds came back and it got abit windy and cooler with the impending storm that was coming that evening. Along the way we saw many different birds, who were very chatty, all feasting on wild grapes that grow along the trail. It was a nice way to spend 4 hours on a relaxing, lazy Sunday. We hope you enjoy the Photos.


B2lfdQLIUAABtaj.jpg large

B2lewIlIcAAbnRq.jpg large



006 (1)


030 (1)





039%20(2) Scat

042 Hearts From Heaven






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