Beaver Meadow Falls 11-29-14

Started this 6 and a half mile trip with a temp of +5. Light winds and a Blue bird sky. We seem to always gravitate to these falls since they are so beautiful. We have been there 3 times this year. This time we were treated to Ice covered falls in which pieces of Ice would break off warming in the sun.

As for me, I learned a valuable lesson. Penny and I are always together no matter what. Well this day, thinking she was behind me I went another 50 yards to the falls and waited. Her not arriving soon after, I got concerned and headed back. I found her coming up a different way and covered in snow. She had slipped and landed on her backpack and had trouble getting up since I wasnt there. Lesson learned. No matter what, it is important to have your partner in sight at all times because that one time they will need you, you may not be there for them. That disturbed me and wont happen again. Overall a great day on the trail.

Please enjoy Pennys photos.




















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