Rainbow Falls, St. Lawrence Co.

Started the day thinking how nice it would be to take a ride to the Northwest side of the Park. It was in the forties following a big melt down of the snow pack on a cloudy Sat.

Not really having a plan we headed to the Cranberry Lake area. Getting on to lunch time we stopped at Stone Manor Dinner for some great ADK comfort food. As we spoke to the owner and cook they told us about Tooley Pond Road and the series of waterfalls along the remote road. They were nice enough to provide a booklet of waterfalls in the area. More about the Diner in our next blog.

After finishing our meal that was great tasting, off we went. We found a spot along The Oswegatchie River in which the road follows with a small sign saying Rainbow Falls. Being only a 5 min. walk from the road we came to a small set off falls, not big but very pleasant. We spent sometime taking photos. Noticing another trail that led farther into the woods we followed it and then heard the ROAR!!! Wow, the falls were amazing. A sloping 60ft drop off but with all the snow melt a huge volume of water. You could almost feel the ground shake. It was such a great surprise to see but then again, in the Adirondacks there are surprises everywhere.

Check out these falls and not much of a hike to get there




Other Photos From That Day




DSCN3616 (2)



The above photo had a For Rent Sign




DSCN3620 (2)

DSCN3580 (2)

DSCN3583 (2)

DSCN3584 (2)

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