Adventure Medical Kits SOL Fire Lite with Tinder-Quik Fire Starter

I have used this product for the past year and I believe it to be one of the best outdoor product to come out in years.
Rarely used safety and emergency gear is often the first to get cut when hikers trim weight. But considering this kit (sparker and tinder included) doesn’t exceed a single ounce, there’s no reason to ditch it. The 2.3-inch-long firestarter operates one-handed, much like a lighter: A simple flick of the steel wheel creates friction against the internal flint to create an earplug-size spark that you can easily shoot directly at your tinder.

Each kit comes with 20 bundles of Tinder-Quik (tightly-wound cotton coated with paraffin), each of which nets you a minute and 45 seconds of burn time—plenty, assuming you’ve collected fuel (additional Tinder-Quick is sold separately, $4 for a 12-pack). The wet-weather performance was impressive: Even after our tester fully submerged the tinder in water, he was able to tease it apart and get the drier interior bits to catch. He created a small windshield in order to light it in gusty conditions, but once ignited, it remained lit even in open wind. $10; 0.7 oz.;

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