Safety and Access Improvements in the Kaaterskill Falls Area:

This year the NYSDEC will be working on improving safety and public access at Kaaterskill Falls Trails.  There will be ongoing restrictions and closures on and around the falls as work continues to construct new trails and other improvements.  The best advice for visitors is to please avoid the Kaaterskills Area until further notice and enjoy these alternatives. The following areas will be affected or closed:

  • The new observation platform at Laurel House Road is open to the public but just the new trail leading to the platform; the rest of the area remins closed until further notice.
  • This is to allow the DEC to build new stairs and other improvements that will make Kaaterskill Falls a safer and more enjoyable experience for all.  Please give the DEC and contractors the space they need for yours and their safety.  Work should be completed by the end of the work season 2016, keep checking the trail update page for the latest information.
  • The Trail Conference has prepared a list of alternatives for visitors to enjoy while in the Catskills.

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