Adirondack Whitewater Rafting

What’s it like to go whitewater rafting in Upstate New York?

FUN! Exhilarating! Beautiful!

Know before you go:

  • Spring is the best time to go for thrill seekers looking for WILD white water! The snow melt-off creates ideal fast-moving waters for weeks all spring long.
  • Adirondack whitewater rafting season runs April through mid-October.
  • The Hudson River Rapids have a Class IV and V rating.
  • Day whitewater rafting trips almost always include all your gear, life vest and a snack.
  • Be in good shape. You don’t need to be super fit, but being in good health is always an important part of an outdoor adventure.
  • Much of the ride will not be whitewater. You’ll have stretches of calm waters that lead up to the fast and exciting rapids.
  • Summer and fall are beautiful but a calmer ride than spring.
  • In the spring – dress WARM – all polypropylene, fleece and wool. Wear two pairs of wool socks – no cotton.
  • Do not drink lots of coffee before a ride – there are usually no bathrooms!
  • Average cost: usually between $50-$100 for whitewater rafting, but varies based on age, length of trip, and season.
  • Protect your skin from excess exposure to the sun. Put on your sunscreen.
  • If getting it wet or losing it in a rapid would be distressing, don’t bring it. This goes for expensive cameras, jewelry, and unnecessary gear.
  • Many companies can recommend nearby lodging and camping packages for out of town visitors.

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