Ledges and Waterfalls are where most serious injuries and deaths occur. Most people underestimate the danger. There are several ways of falling off ledges or waterfalls. Some people walk in the water on the edge of the water falls. Algae often grows on the rocks, and people slip on the slick algae covered rocks. Do not walk in the water near the edge of the falls. People try to cross the stream above the waterfalls and fall in the water and are swept over the falls. Standing on the edge of any ledge can cause you to be sucked over the ledge. Whenever the wind is blowing it causes the wind to blow up the cliff pas the ledge. There is a concept called the Bernoulli’s Principle. Bernoulli’s Principle will cause a suction perpendicular to direction of the wind. This can cause you to be sucked off the ledge. So, always stay back from the edge of the ledge.
buttermilk falls

The picture on the left is the the top of Kaaterskill Falls. There have been many death over the years at Kaaterskill Falls. Only one person has survived from falling off the upper falls.



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