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I just wanted to share with you all something Penny And I saw while we were visiting Kaaterskill Falls via the viewing platform which we found distrubing .

We pulled into the parking lot which was half full and noticed 5 people get out of the car and change into their boots. The vehicle had New Jersy plates, which makes no difference, knowing the shady areas would be Icy we doned our Micro- Spikes and headed out. The 5 people were ahead of us and noticed they were having trouble on the icy trail. Now the trail is handicapped accessible so it is easy but the ice patches made it rough for these people wearing sneakers and fuzzy leather boot. As we got to the fence at the top of the falls they decided to go beyond the fence and ignore the danger signs saying do not go beyond this point. These 5 were in there 60s and I’m sure they could read but not wearing the correct footware and went down any way. I wanted to say  something but decided to lay low and say nothing. Penny and myself then headed to the viewing platform

Now the view fron the platform is just amazing. You get a great view of the upper falls as that is the highest drop. The death toll at Kaaterskill falls run into the hundreds with 2 fatalities just last year. Its a dangerous place if you get to close to the falls.

Then we noticed one of the 5 taking pictures right on the edge as the photos below shows. More people have fallin from the spot she was positioned than any other and being her mind was on taking photos and not having her mind on task it was a dangerous  and very possibly deadly move. Take a look.




Now if that Rock had shifted by her weight or by the change of temperature which is what happened last year at Roaring Brook Falls in Keene which killed a 9 year old boy when a 690 lb. rock became dislodged and also a police officer from New Jersey while taking photos fell from the top of the falls in Keene, it would have been a call to SAR and a senseless death. What would happen if her boots lost their grip? I know there are many what ifs but why would someone ignore warning signs and put themselves in danger just for a photo. It’s sad.

I’ve shared this in hopes that people will read the signs and take heed of them. NYDEC put them signs there for a damn good reason. It’s not worth losing your life and putting the lives of the the rescue workers that have to come and take your lifeless body out. Please be safe in the outdoors. It reminds me of something someone said once, mother nature doesn’t care if you live or die.

Happy safe hiking to you all.

Here is an article about some of the deaths at Kaaterskill

Newburgh hiker falls to death at Kaaterskill Falls in Greene County

Kaaterskill Falls is a two-drop, 260-foot cascade in Haines Falls, part of the Greene County town of Hunter.
Kaaterskill Falls is a two-drop, 260-foot cascade in Haines Falls, part of the Greene County town of Hunter.Tania Barricklo — Daily Freeman file

HAINES FALLS >> A 30-year-old Newburgh man fell to his death at the Kaaterskill Falls on Saturday afternoon, according to state police at Catskill.

Anthony Miele was hiking with a friend near the upper portion of the 260-foot, two-drop falls when he slipped on ice and fell about 120 feet, trooper Christian Quinn said.

Quinn said Miele had gone off the normal trail and was trying to walk across a treacherous area covered with ice and moss at the time of the accident. Miele was pronounced dead at the scene.

Quinn said he was unsure if Miele had gone around safety fencing the state Department of Environmental Conservation installed at the top of the falls in 2014 and 2015.

Quinn said most of the time there’s an accident, people enter this area to try to take a picture either down the falls or up towards the mountain and lose their footing. But Quinn said he did not know for sure if Miele was attempting to take a photograph.

Saturday’s death was the second reported at the falls this year.

Late in July, 17-year-old Ezra Kennedy of Westfield, N.J., fell to his death while hiking with friends and relatives.

Two women from Dutchess County fell to their deaths at the falls in the summer of 2014, leading to the installation of protective fences at the top of the upper falls.

Public access to Kaaterskill Falls was restricted in the summer of 2015 while the DEC made $450,000 in improvements to enhance safety and upgrade trails. State police Senior Investigator Peter Kusminsky said in July the safety improvements were made to the upper falls, but not to the area where Kennedy fell.

The changes to the upper falls included a new trail with a 200-step stone staircase.

Kaaterskill Falls is one of America’s oldest tourist attractions and is immortalized in Hudson River School paintings and Washington Irving’s “Rip Van Winkle.”

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One thought on “Waterfall Safety Share

  1. Kent

    Hate to leave this comment, but on the way home from a hike around the trails at North-South Lake today (1/29), passed a major rescue operation underway on Route 23a at Bastion falls below Kaaterskill falls, so it looks like someone else ignored the warning signs and had an incident.

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