Sleeping Beauty


This trail has many switchbacks to keep the steepness moderate. Good views of Lake George and the southeastern Adirondacks. 6.4 mile loop hike from Hogs Town parking lot. 4.8 mile loop hike from the Dacy Clearing parking lot. The length of the hike to Sleeping Beauty depends on if the woods road from the trailhead parking lot to Dacy Clearing is open ( and you are willing to drive it) or not. If you can drive to Dacy Clearing the hike is a moderate 1.8 miles, each way, to the favored lookout and another 0.4 or so miles to the actual summit. If the woods road is closed, or you don’t want to drive it, add 1.6 miles each way of easy road walk to your trip. The trail from Dacy Clearing to the cutoff to Sleeping Beauty is a broad tote road. The trail beyond that point is a delight with actual switch backs, walking below and around cliffs that you will be looking out from near the summit. The views are expansive and include Crane Mountain to the west and Pico and Killington to the east, as well as Lake George. The cliffs face east, south, and west, so you can enjoy your day in the sun. From here, you can choose to backtrack and make it an out-and-back hike for 4.4 total miles from Dacy Clearing (7.6 miles if from Hog Town parking area). Alternately, you can head back to a marker in an earlier section of the trail and bear left to descend another series of switchbacks before reach Bumps Pond. Continue following the trail around the pond. The trail descends again, passing several lookouts before you complete the loop. Return the same route to Dacy Clearing and finally the parking area.


A great day and hike with awesome friends…..

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Follow these directions to the Hog Town Trailhead:

  • Take Exit 20 from the Adirondack Northway (I-87), and continue past the outlet malls.
  • Turn right onto Route 149, and continue until the intersection with Buttermilk Falls Road.
  • Turn left onto Buttermilk Falls Road, and continue for 3.2 miles until it becomes a dirt road (Sly Pond Road).
  • When Sly Pond Road intersects with Hog Town Road, stay straight onto Shelving Rock Road.
  • Dacy Clearing Road will branch off to the right, the parking lot you see here is the Hog Town Trailhead.

During certain times of year, usually in the summer and during prolonged periods of dry weather, the road from the Hog Town Trailhead to Dacy Clearing is open to vehicle traffic. It is a single-lane, dirt road with many bumps and dips, so if your car can’t handle this type of terrain, you should park in the Hog Town lot. If the gate to the road is closed, you will also have to park in the Hog Town lot and begin your hike from there.

If the gate is open and your car is well-suited for rough terrain, you can drive the approximately 1.5-mile dirt road to Dacy Clearing and begin your hike there.

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