Hiker Missing In High Peaks Wilderness


A large-scale search is underway today for a hiker who didn’t return from a daytrip up Gothics Mountain.

The search today includes 17 forest rangers, an assistant forest ranger, and a state police helicopter, according to state Department of Environmental Conservation spokesman David Winchell.

DEC dispatch received notice of the missing hiker at 6:12 a.m. Monday. Two forest rangers immediately responded to the Adirondack Mountain Reserve, the entry point the hiker reportedly took to climb the mountain.

After the initial assessment by DEC two more forest rangers, an assistant forest ranger, and staff from AMR joined the search. A fourth forest ranger was on board a state police helicopter.

No sign of the hiker was found during the first day of searching.

At 4,736 feet, Gothics is the 10th highest mountain in the Adirondack Park. The mountain can be accessed from several trailheads, including one through the AMR property, which is home to the Ausable Club.

The DEC is currently not requesting assistance from the public in the ongoing search efforts.  Updates will be provided as the search efforts continue.

This incident comes on the heels of another busy weekend for Forest Rangers in the Adirondacks during which they conducted several other successful searches, and several rescues. These included a 13-year old boy who survived a 25-foot fall at Shelving Rock Falls on the East Side of Lake George; three rescues by helicopter, including an overnight rescue from Bushnell Falls; and a carry-out from near the top of Bald Mountain.

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