Keep your dog on a leash

I received this troubling email from one of our viewers during the past week. I myself have seen it and I encourage each and everyone of you if the dog needs to be on a leash you should do so.

Here is the e-mail

I live close to Henrys Woods and have come to love getting out each day for my daily hike there. I have had encounters with dogs thru the years but until last Saturday had never been attacked. A women came up the trail as I was coming out with a large German Shepard. As I approached the dog crouched down then ran at me and bit me on the hand. She called it back and told me I should not have put my hand out. As I went to continue down the trail he came from about thirty feet and attacked me again. Taking hold of my hand and biting . Although the damage was minimal ; this dog should be on a leash. Thought I would pass this along in the event that others have encountered this aggressive dog and its owner.

Point well taken. The vast majority of the dogs that are on the trail with us are not aggressive but as we have read this dog was aggressive and unfortunately attacked twice. So please for everybody safety, keep your dog on a leash or at least Under full control.

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